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About Crafting with Crap

Crafting with Crap is a new crafty adventure from Denise Corcoran (aka Thrifty By Design). It’s an online resource for those wanting to get into upcycling. Crafting with Crap is all about sharing simple DIYs, finding inspiration and getting the word out.

Join me for some crafty turning trash into treasure adventures! And definitely share your own upcycling awesomeness.

Let’s do this! 

What is Crafting with ‘Crap’?

Crafting with crap is known widely as ‘upcycling’. Upcycling is all about the creative reuse of discarded items. Turning trash into treasure is an awesome way to divert waste from the landfill while creating something of greater value. It’s fun, on budget, sustainable… And addictive!

The benefits of upcycling are huge… We reduce our consumption by buying less and hopefully using less, we rethink our idea of waste and we explore our creative side. It’s a win-win-win!

So why not try it! All the kewl kids are all about upcycling.

Get to Know Me

Hi! My name is Denise (aka Thrifty By Design). I’m the crafty gal behind Crafting with Crap. I’m a community builder, crafter extraordinaire and upcycler of things based in North Vancouver, BC. My passion is to turn ‘junk’ into new and funky pieces. From refinishing furniture found at the dump to repurposing discarded items like wine corks into jewelry, there is no limit to what a bit of time and know-how can create. And save from the landfill.

Sharing my enthusiasm for crafting and upcycling, I facilitate ‘Crafternoons’ throughout Vancouver where participants of all ages and skill levels learn how to make things from unorthodox materials. I have also taught a series of classes called Crafting with ‘Crap’ at a local university and at conferences. I was a featured panelist at the Craft Council of BC talk called ‘Craft, The Environment & Our Community’ and was the inaugural BC Champion for the fourth annual Culture Days, a national, nonprofit 3-day event promoting culture throughout Canada. I was the Vancouver Curator for The Makers Nation’s weekly digest featuring local events and happenings.

In addition, I am a Creative Expert for the Salvation Army Thrift Store sharing thrifting tips and simple DIYs.

I authored a crafty book called Raw Crafts: 40 Projects from Hemp, Jute, Burlap and Cork published through Lark Crafts.

Download my Thrifty By Design CV at www.thriftybydesign.ca.

  • Crafting with ‘crap’ since 2012
  • Hosted over 100 Crafternoons
  • Crafted with 1000+ peeps
  • Written for numerous publications
  • Author of ‘Raw Crafts’

Want to know more?

Check out Thrifty By Design for upcoming events, DIYs and latest news. Visit my personal website for more about me and what else I do. Or find me on social media.

Get crafty

Feeling inspired to craft with ‘crap’. Check out my DIYs! Easy peasy projects using junk. They’re cheap, fun and easy!

Get in touch

Let’s craft together!

Get in touch – say hello at 604.354.5811 or drop me a line at denise@craftingwithcrap.com.

Let’s Craft with ‘Crap’

Here are some of my FAV repurposing projects to share cause sharing is caring.

DIY: Plastic animal planters

Give your succulents even more character with this fun, simple and cheap DIY that makes planter magic out of thrifted treasures.

DIY: Plastic animal planters

Give your succulents even more character with this fun, simple and cheap DIY that makes planter magic out of thrifted treasures.

Get in Touch

Say hello . . . 604.354.5811
Drop me a line . . . denise@craftingwithcrap.com
Find me at . . . www.denisecorcoran.com
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