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DIY: Upcycled record bowl

Records are all the rage these days. Whether you’re visiting your local thrift store to add to your music collection or looking for a simple repurposing project, records are easy to score and a cost effective upcycling material.


  • thrifted record
  • cookie sheet
  • oven safe bowl
  • oven mitts

Visit your local thrift store and peruse their record donations. For this DIY, you’ll want a record that has a fun label… maybe an old favourite from your childhood.

Preheat your oven to 200°. For baking your record, you’ll want a cookie sheet and an oven safe bowl. I used a thrifted strainer that I placed upside down.

Once your oven is at 200° then place the cookie sheet with strainer in the oven. Now place your record on top of the strainer.

Note: if there is a specific side of the record that you want to be seen then place your record chosen side down. This will be the bottom inside of your bowl.

Bake the record 6 to 8 minutes.

Take the cookie sheet out of your oven using oven mitts. Place on the top of your stove then shape your baked record into a bowl and then allow to cool.

Note: you can leave the record to cool on top of the strainer or place in another bowl depending on how wide you want the opening of your DIY record bowl.
And that’s it! Next you can source DIYs for turning the record cover into wall art. You can frame it, place it on a floating shelf or simply use mounting squares to hang it.

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