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Easy Peasy Crafting with Crap DIYs

DIY: Plastic animal planters

Give your succulents even more character with this fun, simple and cheap DIY that makes planter magic out of thrifted treasures.

DIY: Framed print

One of my recent DIYs involved an inspirational printed quote I found at my neighbourhood stationery store.

DIY: Upcycled secondhand planter

For me, there’s nothing better than taking a somewhat gaudy thrifted find and turning it into a sophisticated addition to your home decor.

DIY: Cutlery wind chime

An easy DIY for adding charm to your outdoor oasis is to create a wind chime out of thrifted cutlery.

DIY: Leather keychain

There are so many thrifted finds you can repurpose into a swanky keychain, including belts, t-shirts, jewelry and more.

DIY: Easter display stand

Here’s an easy way to upcycle a couple of thrift store finds into a display stand. This DIY is super easy and very low budget!

DIY: Junk chair refresh

Ya just never know what a secondhand find can inspire like this beautiful upholstery fabric I bought at my local thrift store for $5.

DIY: Refashioned thrift vase

There are a few items you definitely need to hit up your local thrift store for… Frames, candle holders and vases.

DIY: Lavender sachet

Vintage fabric from your local thrift store is perfect for pillow covers, purses and it turns out lavender sachets!

DIY: T-shirt bag

Here’s how to make a spooky trick or treat bag for Halloween out of a thrift store find. It’s a low cost, low time investment and high impact DIY.

DIY: Wool sweater ornament

I love repurposing wool sweaters from the thrift store. They’re perfect for upcycling and creating crafty goodness with.

DIY: Teapot planter

I’m a big lover of succulents! And I adore finding unconventional homes for them too.

DIY: Mason jar storage

Mason jars are perfect for organizing and storing ‘stuff’. You can bling them up so they look awesome while being practical.

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