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DIY: Mason jar storage

Mason jars are perfect for organizing and storing ‘stuff’. You can bling them up so they look awesome while being practical. Drop by your local thrift store to find one or more plus see if they have old plastic toys. Why? It’s a great way to add funk to your Mason jar!


  • a Mason jar
  • super glue
  • old plastic toys
  • craft paint
  • sponge brush
  • Mod Podge or Varathane

Find a suitable Mason jar or other glass container and clean it. Make sure you get one with a lid.

Use super glue to adhere a plastic toy to the lid. The plastic toy should have a flat bottom. Allow to dry.

Once the super glue is dry your ready for the craft paint.

Next step is to add 3-4 coats of craft paint. Use a bright colour and add enough coats of paint for a solid finish. I also added clear sparkly paint. Allow paint to dry between coats

Once you have a solid colour now you can add 2-3 coats of Mod Podge or Varathane.

Screw your lid back on the glass container and you’re done!

After creating one you’ll definitely want to make more using different colours.

Use these for storage, for reusable packaging or for your kids school supplies. One of mine is housing DIY baby booties I made out of a thrift store wool sweater for a friend. The total cost for this project was a couple of bucks. And it didn’t take long to turn trash into super cute treasures.

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