Tips: Restyling old t-shirts

Restyling or upcycling old t-shirts is super easy and there’s so much you can do with a torn or dated ‘T’. Just because you don’t or can’t wear them anymore doesn’t mean it’s time to toss them out. And you can always find a funky top at your local thrift store that has tons of potential for getting crafty with.

Here are 5 easy peasy ways to extend the life of a secondhand t-shirt:

You can find tons of simple DIYs for reworking an old T. You can find tutorials online or get a book out from your local library. You can cut up the back and weave the pieces like this top.

You can cut the sides and tie the loose ends together. Trim the sleeves for a tank top or sleeveless top.

Use fabric paint or bleach to create a design.

I’m sure there’s a way you can do this without a sewing machine but these I created by buying a pillow form, measuring my pieces then cutting and stitching up my secondhand t-shirt.

I bought this T with a heart design on the front. It turned into a super cute pillow cover!

Sometimes you luck out and find the perfect quote on a secondhand t-shirt like this one.

Note: you could even frame a FAV t-shirt. Why not!

This is a no sew, low hassle DIY with long term benefits. All you do is cut off the sleeves, create a bigger opening at the neck then cut and tie up the bottom. It’s that easy!

For this DIY bag I added glow in the dark fabric paint for a funky and safe trick or treat bag.

Cut up the T to create t-shirt yarn. You can weave, knit or macrame with the t-shirt yarn.

Here’s a finger knitted bracelet using t-shirt yarn.

A couple of DIY headbands.

A super simple macrame hanging planter.

The possibilities are endless!

Yup – you can make infinity scarves, t-shirt yarn cowls and even jewelry with old t-shirts.

Hope you try one or more of these fun ways to extend the life of an old t-shirt. Be sure to share your ideas as well. The more the merrier.

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