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DIY: Easter display stand

With Easter just around the corner and plans for having family and friends over, here’s an easy way to upcycle a couple of thrift store finds into a display stand. This DIY is super easy and very low budget!


  • plate
  • candle holder
  • LePage construction glue or E6000 permanent craft adhesive

When visiting your local thrift store you’ll be sourcing two items for your DIY display stand. First find an appropriate plate.

Then find a candle holder. Ideally you’ll want something with a flat top and a sturdy base. This will help support the plate.

Next up you need the right tools for this project and that is super strong glue. Either LePage construction glue or E6000 permanent craft adhesive should do the trick.

Add glue to one of your surfaces. I glued the top rim of the candle holder.

Now place the glued part of your candle holder in the middle of the bottom of the plate.
Note: as long as the candle holder opening is flat then you can leave the two alone and wait for the glue to dry. If the candle holder isn’t flat then you may need to adjust the two items or find a way to ensure your plate lays flat.

Allow to dry. Follow the instructions on the packaging for how long the drying will take.

Once the glue is dry, you’re ready to use your fancy dancy display stand. Add home decor items or maybe some desserts.

Along with your Easter display stand you can then find other Easter decor to feature along with your stand like this chick planter filled with chocolates. This is perfect for your dining room table or coffee table!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

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