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DIY: Refashioned thrift vase

There are a few items you definitely need to hit up your local thrift store for… Frames, candle holders and vases. There are always tons of vases available in various styles and sizes. And why not buy a basic vase then dress it up with other thrift finds! This is a super easy DIY refashioning a thrift store vase.


  • vase
  • jewelry
  • Mod Podge or your trusty hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • paint or sponge brush
  • clothes pegs
  • rocks (optional)
  • pussy willows (optional)

First drop by your thrift store to source a vase. I picked up a vase for $1.99 that was a basic clear glass piece with a square opening. The opening was perfect since it was flat and would be the ideal area for jazzing up my boring vase.

I also sourced old junk jewelry for the embellishment. I thought I could use twine or bigger jewelry pieces to add bling. We’ll see what works best!

I added Mod Podge along the rim then wrapped twine and a necklace around the rim. I used clothes pegs to keep the twine and jewelry in place while the glue dried. I also added a shell detail to the front using a jump ring.

I decided to purchase some pussy willows for the vase. Since I would be keeping the pussy willows in the vase and they didn’t need water I then added rocks to the vase to keep the branches in place. Very earthy, simple and hopefully elegant!

It’s done… Easy peasy!

Not the best photo but here it is in its forever home.

Such a fast and cheap way to customize a thrift store vase! Home decor on a very cheap budget! The most expensive item was the pussy willows.

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