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DIY: T-shirt bag

Here’s how to make a spooky trick or treat bag for Halloween out of a thrift store find. It’s a low cost, low time investment and high impact DIY. All you need is a funky thrift store t-shirt, chalk, scissors and, this one’s optional, glow in the dark fabric paint!


  • a thrift store t-shirt
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • glow in the dark fabric paint (optional)
  • stencils (optional)

For a super fun Halloween upcycling project, I bought a t-shirt from my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I found the most awesome top to transform into an eye catching trick or treat bag.

First step for making my super duper trick or treat bag was to cut the handles. The handles are created by cutting off the sleeves and making the collar opening uniform. You may want to use chalk to trace the opening of your bag before cutting.

Once your handles are done then cut the bottom of the t-shirt. You’ll want to cut strips that are 1″ wide and 3″ long. You’ll also cut the side seams.

Once you’ve cut the strips then tie them up to create the bottom of your bag. First knots should use opposite strips – take one strip from the front, one from the back and tie a knot. Do this along the bottom then go back switching partners. This will ensure there are no holes that candy can escape through.

Note: turn your t-shirt inside out if you want to hide the strips.

Now that you have your DIY bag, you can add the design… You can glue gun a felt design, add glittery duck tape or in my sample add glow in the dark fabric paint. You need to add a liberal amount then wait 3-4 hours for it to dry.

You can either free hand adding the fabric paint or try using a stencil.

Once the paint is dry then you expose it to light to activate the glow. And OMG it works! I added paint to the whiskers and eyes. So kewl!

I have no doubt this is one of those addictive craft projects. Best trick or treat bag EVER! And it’s the perfect family craft date project.

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