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DIY: Mason jar bird feeder

Spring has sprung… The sun is out, the weather is warm and the birds are chirping. This DIY is a simple project for our feathered friends. We’re making a bird feeder using a thrifted Mason jar and canvas belt.

Note: feel free to modify the supplies and steps to customize your bird feeder.


  • Mason jar
  • thrifted anvas belt with a double D-ring buckle
  • safety pin
  • elastic bands
  • wooden dowel
  • bird seed

For this project, you’ll be able to repurpose a couple of thrifted finds. Drop by your local thrift store to source a Mason jar and a canvas belt with a double D-ring buckle. Then hit your local dollar store or hardware store. You need a wooden dowel for a perch, a few elastic bands and a big safety pin.

Trim the wood dowel to be a length you’re happy with. The dowel will sit along one of the corners of the Mason jar – this will be the bottom of the bird feeder.
Wrap 3 elastic bands around the dowel then around the Mason jar. Evenly space the elastic bands with one at the bottom of the jar, one at the top and one in the middle.
Now we’ll use the canvas belt to wrap the Mason jar and to create a hanger. Add the belt to the middle of the Mason jar. Buckle it up like you would for your self. Tighten the belt and use the excess to create a hanger. If your canvas belt is long you may want to trim the excess.
To create the handle I used a big safety pin. You can also sew or knot your handle.
Once your bird feeder is done, you’re ready to find a happy home for it. Hang your bird feeder, add some seeds then wait for your new feathered friends to arrive.

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