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DIY: Framed print

I am a sucker for a lovely, thrifted frame. Definitely one of those items I never buy new since there’s always so much choice at your local thrift store. One of my recent DIYs involved an inspirational printed quote I found at my neighbourhood stationery store. Combining the two finds made for an awesome upcycling project!


  • thrifted frame
  • print
  • cardboard
  • patterned paper
  • tissue paper (optional)
  • scissors
  • tape – regular or double-sided
  • white glue (optional)

Source a frame at your local thrift store. I adore a natural wood frame like this one! Next you’ll need to track down the perfect quote to give you inspiration. Usually you can find these in stationery stores for a minimal cost.

Remove everything from the frame. Be sure to keep the hardware and inserts since you’ll want to reuse these.

For my wood frame, I sanded it then added a coat of oil. You can use your cooking oil to help give the finish a bit of oomph.

Trace the shape of either the inserts or glass onto cardboard. Or measure the inside of the frame then cut out a piece of cardboard to fit. This will be the base of your background for your print.
Choose a patterned paper that works well with your print. I chose a geometrical design to help frame my print. I also chose to layer the patterned paper will tissue paper to mute the design.

Use tape or white glue to add the patterned paper and tissue paper to the cardboard.

Note: you can always use a stencil and Sharpies or fabric instead of patterned paper. It’s up to you!

Now you’re ready for your print. I used double-sided tape on the back of my print to adhere it to the paper. I eyed the placement. If you’re unsure definitely measure the space around the print to ensure it’s in the middle and centred.

Finally we’re putting it all together. First put the glass back in the frame and wipe the surface. Next insert the cardboard with your print. Now you can add the old inserts just in case you want to reuse them. Lastly you nail or screw in the old hardware.

That’s it! We’re ready to hang our inspiring, DIY wall art.

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