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DIY: Teapot planter

I’m a big lover of succulents! And I adore finding unconventional homes for them too – your local thrift store is the best place for finding unconventional homes. Or if you want a more traditional home then you can usually find planters there as well. Here’s a simple DIY for adding greenery to your home. And bonus – succulents are low maintenance. Phew!


  • succulent
  • teapot
  • rocks
  • cactus soil

Source your new home. For this DIY I’m using a teapot I found at the thrift store for $5.

Once you’ve cleaned your teapot, add a layer of rocks to the bottom. This is to add some drainage for your succulent. Since you won’t need to water the succulent too much this should be A-OK.

Next add soil. I bought this bag of cactus soil from my local nursery for $5. Leave room for your succulent.

Choose your succulent – there are so many gorgeous indoor and outdoor succulents to choose from.

Create a hole in the dirt then plant your succulent. Now add soil around the succulent then you’re done.

Here’s the final DIY. So cute!

Once you’ve done this DIY you won’t stop. Try finding a vintage creamer or funky teacups. The total cost is under $10 since the bag of soil will last for many succulents. Hope you enjoy this project – I know I do!

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