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DIY: Mason jar tissue holder

Mason jars are upcycling rock stars… there are so many cool repurposing projects you can craft using a thrifted Mason jar. Here’s an easy DIY for refashioning a Mason jar into a tissue holder.


  • a Mason jar with lid
  • sponge brush
  • acrylic paint
  • sand paper
  • Mod Podge
  • box of tissues
  • card stock, repurposed cereal box cardboard, scrap paper
  • X-Acto knife

Source a Mason jar from your local thrift store. I would try to find one with a wide mouth if possible. I ended up finding two but with narrow openings which made it challenging for inserting the tissues.

Wash the Mason jar then cover with 2-3 coats of acrylic paint. Allow to dry between coats.
While your Mason jar is drying you can work on the lid. You can use a thick card stock, maybe repurpose an old card or you can use a heavy fabric like felt. I used an old cereal box then glued scrap paper to one side of it.

Once the glue is dry, I traced the lid on the paper then cut it out. You may need to trim the cut out to ensure it fits in your lid. Next you’ll trace a cross on the inside of the circle then use an X-Acto knife to cut through the paper along the lines. This creates an opening for your tissue.

Now back to your Mason jar. Once the paint is dry then gently brush the surface with sand paper to create a shabby chic finish.
Use a cloth to lightly wipe the surface of your Mason jar. This will remove any dust and clean the surface. Now you coat the Mason jar in Mod Podge to seal the surface. You can add 1-2 coats of Mod Podge. Allow to dry.
Depending on the width of the opening of your Mason jar you may need to roll the tissue tightly. Place the tissue in your Mason jar ensuring that your top tissue is pulled up to the opening.
Pull the top tissue through the opening of your lid then screw the lid onto the Mason jar. You can pull the tissue now to check you’ve inserted them properly.
And that’s it! You now have a funky tissue holder out of a thrifted Mason jar.

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