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DIY: Wool sweater mittens

What to do with that awesome wool sweater from the thrift store that’s damaged or has been accidentally felted? There are tons of fun DIYs for repurposing an old wool sweater like making mittens! This is an easy DIY with killer results.


  • a wool sweater – either use one sweater or mix it up with one patterned and one plain sweater
  • paper and pencil
  • scissors
  • pins
  • needle and thread

First trace around your hand on a piece of paper to create a pattern for the DIY mittens.

Trace 1/4” around your hand. Note: you can add more space depending on how roomy you want your mittens.

Once you have your pattern then trace it 4 times on your wool sweater. I used the edges of both upcycled wool pieces for the opening of the mittens.

Be sure to flip the pattern over for the front and back then left and right. And feel free to use different coloured or patterned wool.

Pin the front and back of the wool together with the outside pieces facing each other. For my sample I only cut out 2 pieces then pinned them to the patterned wool.

Next stitch up the sides using your sewing machine or hand stitch them together then trim the edges

Now you can turn the mittens inside out and you’re good to go! Once your mittens are done, you can jazz them up with buttons or old beads. This is one of those projects that you may want to make a bunch of. They’re a fun and practical gift for family and friends. Total cost per set of mittens is under $5.

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