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DIY: Mason jar terrarium

Create your own terrarium out of thrifted treasures. Not only can you repurpose a secondhand Mason jar but also toys, figurines or other treasures from your local thrift store. And this is a fun DIY for the whole family to enjoy.


  • Mason jar
  • rocks
  • soil
  • moss
  • thrifted toys
  • lights

Visit your local thrift store and find a wide mouth Mason jar. I would recommend using a full size Mason jar for this DIY. You can either place it upright or on its side depending on how you want your terrarium to look.

You’ll also want to find small size toys or figurines to place in the Mason jar. I bought a bag of toys from my local thrift store for my terrarium.

Wash your Mason jar and allow to dry.

Place rocks at the bottom of your Mason jar.

Add an inch or so of soil.

Now place a layer of moss. You can find all types of moss in your local trails and parks.

Next you’re ready to start adding your toys or figurines. I found a unicorn in my bag of thrifted toys that was perfect!
I decided to create a magical world with my unicorn. I found a string of small lights at my local dollar store to fill my terrarium with. And tada! My terrarium is done!

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