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DIY: Tin can planter

A recent DIY I took on was upcycling tin cans into planters for Mom. A fun DIY with lasting power. I tracked down the perfect tin can for the project too.

My favourite find was a big can for tuna. There were loads of bigger tins… I was set! I took them home and cleaned them. Here’s my wall of tin cans.

And I bought a few plants from Dykhof Nurseries for my sample projects – 2 succulents and 2 basil plants. Perfect!

First was painting my tuna tin can…

A few coats of white then gold then a stencil was the plan.

Here’s my refashioned tin can. I was ready to get planting!

I decided to add a plant marker for Mom. A cardboard round from Urban Source with scrap paper, adhesive letters and a felt heart. Easy peasy and so darn cute!

Here’s sample 1 done!

I love succulents! I hope to make more of these tin can planters. They look awesome!

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